Dr. Amber Cai Biography

Dr. Amber Cai is responsible for the overall Business Operations at the Novartis R&D
Center in Shanghai, China (CNIBR). She leads the core business operations, overseeing
a broad set of functions including External Innovation and Business Development,
Public & Government Relations, Internal/External Communications, Quality
Compliance, IT and Informatics, and Scientific Operations (incl. Lab Operations, Invivo
studies, Import/Export etc.).

Amber is a founding member of Novartis’ R&D Center in Shanghai, China, which was
established in 2006 as the first fully integrated research and development center in China
by multinational pharma companies. It is now one of the three main sites for Novartis
R&D globally as well as the hub for innovation in Asia. During 2005 - 2006, Amber led
Novartis’ overall efforts to establish its R&D presence in China, from the concept stage to
implementation. She also led the negotiations with Shanghai government to acquire the
land in ZhangJiang Hi Tech Park and gain support to build a state-of-art R&D campus.
Amber officially moved to Shanghai from Boston in September 2006 to launch the new
R&D operations. Since then she has been playing an instrumental role in recruiting talent,
establishing business and operations processes, developing Novartis' China R&D
strategy, and building strategic partnerships with government and other external
stakeholders and collaborators. With the strong footprint established by CNIBR
operations, three years later in 2009 Novartis increased its investment in Shanghai to
1Billion USD and moved its commercial business divisions to co-locate with the research
center in the Shanghai campus.

Prior to moving to Shanghai in 2006, Amber was a key member in the Strategic
Alliances/BD&L group at Novartis’ research headquarter in Boston, Massachusetts.
Amber has decades of experience in science before shifting her career into business
functions. She completed her Ph.D. work in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Dr.
Gobind Khorana at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the field of GPCR
signaling. She also holds an MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management.
Amber was a drug discovery scientist at Biogen (Cambridge, MA), and also worked at
MPM CAPITAL prior to joining Novartis in Cambridge, MA.